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About Karen & Gil

Crystalline harmonies, playful electric guitar phrases entwined in acoustic picking and strumming, the wide open spaces we see when we close our eyes… With finesse Karen and Gil flow fom country to blues, from folk to rock to jazz, from English to French. creating a music for fans of instrumental intricacy,  upbeat rythms and inspiring ballads.

Their adventure started on the west bank of the Seine. She was a west coast American.  He was a Parisian born in Egypt. She liked folk, pop and jazz. He was rock and blues with a touch of balladeer. At a concert date their paths crossed. Attracted to each other’s compositions and having discovered a common admiration for the Beatles and Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, they became a duo on the cabaret scene. Their collaboration has grown ever since, blossoming into a career which has taken them fom Paris venues to concerts around France and tours in the northwestern U.S.


"Ah!  Karen Harris' lovely tone.  Ah! Gil Barouk's magnificent guitar playing. Let me tell you,  I'm thoroughly enjoying myself as I Iisten to their new LP hot off the press "Bright on the moon". As the title suggests, many of the words are in English, only two in French, but - how beautiful! It's folky, poetic, and the sound very refined. You can hear it all, Karen's consonants, Gil's resonant voice, not to mention the quality of the guitars. Their good friend-musicians lent their talents, Claude Sacre and Jérôme Frulin on the bass, Arnaud Romain on the viola, Lenny Barouk and Guy Boissière on drums. Of course there's a banjo, and it belongs to Jean-Marie Redon. Twelve songs to savor without moderation and to recommend to friends. "  ©annie claire 11.01.2014 


"It took a grand occasion for The Annexe to hold its doors wide open for Ango-Saxon singer-songwriter. It was offered by Karen & Gil who tirelessly seduced us with the quality of their cultural blend, one foot on each side of the ocean but with, as a constant, that love of words, beautiful melody, and two-voice harmony…Come hum along with them, ears wide-open !"

Puce & Compagnie, (2014)



"Is it a "modern couple" - as they like to call themselves- doing retro, or, rather, fans of the seventies who take us on a trip through these last decades? The answer is: both, mon capitaine! When they're at the helm we're guided by crystaline voices beyond mountains and oceans. From the Appalachians to Europe, a world tour of country, pop and folk carries us away, , hair blowing in the wind, hers, an auburn mane, his a mass of untamed black...Whether the guitar is electric or acoustic, the strings pinched by the dozen or halfway, the vocal "strings" are always harmonious and perfectly mastered, for the chords vibrate. It's the Folk Easy Rider with the troubadours of the 21st century. Bravo, Karen & Gil. You're dynamite.  And the (piece "Critical Mass") which you so delicately placed was a purely sensuous moment. We want more. Thanks in advance and again bravo!"                                      Patrick Carpentier (2012)

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Karen & Gil
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Claude Sacre, Jérôme Frulin (bassPhillipe Leroux, Daniel Haurogné, Patrick Cassoti (drums), Guy Barouk, Michele Dickenson, Pauline Hampshire (choirs), François Pierron (double bass), Christian d'Alexis, Jean-Luc Pacaud, Wilson Esther (percussions), Prabu (tablas), Florimond dal Zotto, Eugénie Ursh (cello), Nicolas Charmel (violon)Alain Bernard (keyboards) Aldo Gilbert (saxophone)



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